Syntax Reference

The syntax reference provides a comprehensive list of the available instructions in Finesse 3’s built-in scripting language, katscript. There is also some guidance on the differences between Finesse 3’s scripting language, and that of previous versions of Finesse.

Comprehensive documentation for each instruction can be found in the following sections:

Differences between Finesse 2 and 3 syntax and interpretation


Finish documenting the differences between katscript2 and katscript3.

Finesse 3’s syntax (katscript3) is similar to that of Finesse 2 (katscript2); however, they are not strictly compatible. Some of the differences are listed here.

Order matters

For convenience, katscript2 did not rely during parsing on the order in which components and commands were defined, meaning that components could reference nodes and variables defined later in the file. In Finesse 3, this is no longer adhered to as strictly as in katscript2. Components such as cav now require that the components they consist of are already defined previously in the script.